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Alexandrite Emerald Natural Crystal Ring

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Alexandrite is said to bring luck and riches. It is a gemstone with an incandescent light, allowing it to change colours under various lighting conditions. 
Because Alexandrite contains a variety of various components beneath its surface, the coloration is peculiar and interesting. 

It appears purplish-red at times and ripples to blue and green at other moments. This stone stands out because of the colour change since it is a stone of good fortune, luck, and embracing change. It serves as a reminder of the value of maintaining equilibrium and being open to all of the emotions we carry within, much like the diamond that changes shades in the light. 

Known as a stone of joy, grace and splendour, Alexandrite encourages you to discover how to light your own fires of joy, laughter and the grants you the capacity to appreciate the beauty in any situation, going deeper than simply bestowing you with happiness. Alexandrite is all about clearing energy, a change in self-esteem, and embracing every positive aspect of your existence, as suggested by its shifting colours. 

This mutating jewel can assist you with developing emotional maturity, processing your emotions, and finding plenty of delights along the path. 

The additional benefit of this Alexandrite jewellery is that it can directly connect its vibrations to your frequencies and begin synchronising with all that delicious healing energy because it is pushed against your skin. 


The Emerald Gem is all about eternity and everlasting love. It is a precious stone that has served as inspiration for poetry, queens and rich mythology. This regal variation of Emerald has long been praised as a beautiful stone and it is presented here set in gold that shines brilliantly. It is prepared to bring about shades of growth, renewal and an opening of the heart chakra that begs for deep love to blossom. 

Mercury and the vivid Emerald Stone both have the same ruling planet, therefore the Emerald Stone brings a lot of wisdom and intelligence to the celebration. It is a gem that is nutrient-rich and was even thought to ward off illness when worn around the neck in Ancient Greece. It does give vigour to every cell in the body, and its vivid green light exudes health and well-being. 

Emerald also encourages us to recognise our strength and gives us a boost when we are down. This ring's gold band also promotes emotional harmony, purification, clarity, and the possibility of more profound healing. The spiritual properties of gold are thought to offer luck, happiness, calm, and stability. You may feel calmer and your melancholy and irritability can lessen as a result. Gold emits warm energy that surrounds the body with calming vibrations and encourages positive thinking. 

By influencing your energy centres (also known as Chakras) and aura, it also improves your overall physical, emotional, and mental health. Gold shields the user from negativity, such as low vibratory thoughts or thought patterns, as well as individuals who might in any other manner sap your precious energy. You are surely protected by the divine with this Alexandrite, Emerald and gold ring.


  • Support Renewing Your Vitality: Crystals can help to clear away “energetic debris” and negative energy, and also balance your subtle energies, and positively affect your physical health and mental well-being in pretty phenomenal ways. 
  • Balance Chakra: Healing crystal enhances your physical, emotional and mental health by affecting your chakras. Some “high vibrational” crystals also can open your awareness to higher levels of consciousness
  • Gorgeous Accessories: Every crystal and gemstone is a unique, beautiful and magical work of art by Nature. No matter what outfit you’re wearing, there is a crystal that will add the perfect finishing touch, and they never go out of style.
  • It’s meaningful: Jewelry made of different crystal materials can bring you different curative effects and surprises. If you are attracted to the color of a crystal, you are in desperate need of the healing and purification of this crystal.


  • Category: Ring
  • Origin: India
  • Genuine gemstones: Alexandrite / Emerald
  • Size: 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10
  • Each Set weight: Approx 10g 
  • Size Chart


  • Don't crash hard objects or fall off & Keep it away from chemicals,cosmetics,wine,acid and alkali.
  • Clean gemstone jewelry and wipe it with a soft cloth to remove any dirt. Then, store your gemstone jewelry in a soft cloth pouch or jewelry case so it does not touch other pieces in your collection.
  • Keep it from high temperature and direct sunlight, which may cause damage to gemstones.
  • Remove any gemstone jewelry before engaging in any strenuous physical activity, such as exercise or sports.