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Axe Phoenix Hyper Fresh Dry Spray With Crushed Mint And Rosemary 4oz

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Freshen up and spark some serious attraction. Prepare to up your freshness in seconds with our AXE Phoenix Hyper Fresh Dry Spray. More than a body spray, this dry spray deodorant rises to the challenge to provide 48 hours of odor busting protection for your underarms, feet and everywhere in between. Deodorant without aluminum for residue. Just spray on and go. AXE Phoenix Hyper Fresh Dry Spray dries instantly for a clean and dry feel that lasts for 48 hours. And that’s not the only thing that’s long-lasting about this deo its can is made from infinitely recyclable aluminum! So, once recycled, it goes on and on and on and you get the picture. don't worry, we haven't messed with the classic AXE Phoenix fragrance. It’s got the same famous invigorating crushed mint and rosemary AXE Phoenix scent as the AXE Phoenix body spray. That’s cause, at AXE, we believe that one of the keys to attraction is an irresistible fragrance. So, from deodorant spray to dry spray, antiperspirant to shower gel, we're dedicated to giving you all the best tools to make sure that whenever opportunity swoops in your direction, you smell your absolute best. Smell Irresistible all Day. That’s the Axe Effect.
  • Get your fresh back in seconds with the new axe phoenix hyper fresh dry spray
  • Feel hyper fresh for 48 hours with our long-lasting deodorant spray
  • Deodorant without aluminum for residue for a unique dry and clean feel
  • Experience the invigorating men’s fragrance of crushed mint and rosemary from AXE Phoenix Hyper Fresh Dry Spray deodorant


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