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Caress Beauty Bar Soap Daily Silk 3.15 Oz, 3 Bars

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Want to feel irresistible every single day? Indulge in the decadence of Caress Daily Silk, a silky and moisturizing bar soap infused with the scent of lush white peach and sweet orange blossom that will transform your shower into an everyday retreat. The freshness of the white peach adds a crisp zest to the bar soap fragrance and brings out the luscious sweetness of silk blossom. At the base of this caress scented bath soap bar sit sandalwood and musk €“ rich scents that round out and soften the fragrance, leaving you with delicately scented skin all day long. Caress daily silk soap bars are an indulgent bath soap that blends rich, luxurious lather with expertly crafted fine fragrance. It is a body soap that gently cleanses your skin to leave it delicately fragrant and beautifully soft. With caress daily silk scented soap, you can spoil yourself with a treat for the senses. This bar soap pampers your skin for a silky soft touch, while a captivating blend of exotic aromas gently cloaks you after every shower. Caress body soap fragrances are crafted by the world's best perfumers to transform your daily shower into an indulging experience that will make you feel special everyday.
  • Caress Daily Silk is a silky bar soap infused with the delicate floral notes of white peach and orange blossom
  • This bar soap effectively washes away dirt and bacteria while leaving your skin feeling instantly moisturized
  • A silky and moisturizing soap bar that will transform your shower into an everyday retreat
  • Bar soap that gently cleanses and leaves skin delicately fragrant, beautifully soft


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