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Cascade Dishwasher Detergent Platinum Actionpacs - Lemon Scent, 30 Ct

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Cascade Platinum ActionPacs dishwasher detergent cleans burnt-on messes in just one wash, with no pre-wash needed. That's because Platinum has 50% More Cleaning Power to tackle burnt-on foods. It dissolves fast to start cleaning right away, releasing the soaking power of Dawn dishwashing liquid, while food-seeking enzymes latch on and break down food into particles so small they can flow right down the drain. Plus, Cascade Platinum dishwashing detergent is formulated to help prevent hard-water filming keeping your machine looking fresh and clean. Simply pop in an ActionPac and reveal a Platinum sparkle. Save up to 15 gallons of water per dishwasher load when you skip the pre-wash and run your dishwasher with Cascade Platinum. #1 Recommended Brand in North America. % cleaning ingredients vs. Cascade Complete ActionPacs. More dishwasher brands in North America recommend Cascade vs. any other automatic dishwashing detergent brand, recommendations as part of co-marketing agreements.
  • No pre-wash required
  • Includes 30 action pacs
  • Grease-fighting power
  • Phosphate-free


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