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Downy Ultra Liquid Fabric Softener - April Fresh, 44 Fl Oz

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Give your clothes a softer feel and a long-lasting floral scent with Downy April Fresh Fabric Softener. Downy Fabric Softener protects your clothes from stretching, fading, and fuzz while adding the signature April Fresh scent. Enjoy 3X more freshness with less static and fewer wrinkles after every wash. Downy Liquid Fabric Softener is compatible with all top- and front-loading HE machines. It's easy to use-after adding your favorite laundry detergent, pour Downy Liquid Fabric Softener into the fabric softener dispenser drawer or directly into the agitator and start the washer on your preferred cycle. Feel softer, smell fresher, and look newer with Downy 7-in-1 Fabric Softener. Longer-lasting scent vs. Tide Original liquid. Vs. detergent alone.
  • 7-in-1 benefits: Adds softness and freshness while fighting wrinkles, static, fuzz, fading, and stretching
  • 3X more freshness
  • April Fresh scent
  • Just measure and pour into your washer's fabric softener dispenser drawer or directly into the agitator for long-lasting freshness.


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