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February Amethyst Birthstone Ring

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Birthstones are special gems associated with a certain month. It is well known that these gems' traits and qualities frequently benefit those who were born in that month.

The magnificent amethyst, which is the birthstone for February, is prized for its regal and protecting qualities. Being a member of the quartz family, this beauty has a violet flame that can soothe even the most agitated emotions. This gorgeous amethyst birthstone ring has the amethyst stone centred in a heart/love shape and a chic band.


The stone is renowned for its calming effects that reduces stress and stabilises moods. It is also known to help lessen negative emotions like anger and anxiety.

Ancient Romans and Greeks, who lived around 2000 B.C., thought amethysts had healing properties, protected users from evil and kept their minds sharp. From that time till now, this super crystal has been represented as a sign of healing, purification and balance.

It is popularly known among crystal enthusiasts that wearing amethyst jewellery will allow the wearer to take advantage of its inherent healing qualities.

Additionally, because of its calming effects on the body and mind, lots of people employ it as a form of treatment.

Amethysts are absolutely beautiful to look at because of their ethereal, artistic appearance. It is fantastic to note that these magnificent stones are a gift from nature to humanity, providing us with a wide range of therapeutic and important advantages.

The history of this birthstone dates back to prehistoric and Neolithic humans.

They developed a reputation as the greatest stone of the old centuries because they were known for healing, stress alleviation and mega wellness.

Also in older times, the stone was also utilised to ward off nightmares and promote mental clarity.

 Cleopatra is thought to have worn an amethyst signet ring. According to historians, Saint Valentine also wore an Amethyst ring with Cupid carved on it. Amethyst is therefore ideal for the month of February because it associated with the feelings of love and desire.

Amethyst represents tranquility, tolerance, serenity and nobility. Wearing this birthstone in February could improve connections and bring someone bravery when they need it.

Although the birthstone for February is linked to the crown and root chakras, it can be applied to any chakra.

Amethyst decreases feelings of being out of equilibrium in the mind, body and soul and increases feelings of confidence and well-being. Thoughts of tension, worry and depression are lessened by its relaxing influence, allowing you to rediscover your inner self-assurance and zest for life.

Amethyst has the power to sharpen your intuition and calm the mind through meditation, enabling you to take the necessary practical actions to pursue your aspirations and goals.

Crystals and gemstones are stunning enough on their own however, Amethyst stones have something extraordinary added to their healing magic.

Amethyst doesn’t enter your world. Instead, you get into their magical crystal vibration and changes start to happen. Why? Well it all lies in its genuine nature and cleansing energy.

Therefore, the Amethyst gemstone is the perfect option to increase focus on your goals one at a time, even though you may have a lot of dreams and desires.


  • Category: Ring
  • Origin: India
  • Stone: Amethyst 
  • Band Color: Silver
  • Weight: About 3.6g
  • Size: 5/6/7/8/9/10/11(Standard US size)
  • Comfortable fit: Smooth interior.
  • Design origin: handmade jewelry designed by famous designers, really beautiful but not everyone knows, don't miss it. The perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and other important occasions that you will never forget.


  • Don't crash hard objects or fall off & Keep it away from chemicals,cosmetics,wine,acid and alkali.
  • Clean gemstone jewelry and wipe it with a soft cloth to remove any dirt. Then, store your gemstone jewelry in a soft cloth pouch or jewelry case so it does not touch other pieces in your collection.
  • Keep it from high temperature and direct sunlight, which may cause damage to gemstones.
  • Remove any gemstone jewelry before engaging in any strenuous physical activity, such as exercise or sports.