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FryOilSaver Co. Sanitizing Kit, Steramine Sanitizing Tablets and QT-10 Test Strips. 1G-QT-10, 800 Tablets, (Pack of 6 Bottles and 30 Test Strips)

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Item FormTablet
Specific Uses For ProductSink, Cooktop, Refrigerator, Countertop, Furniture
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  • BUNDLE PACKAGE : 6 bottles of Steramine Quaternary Sanitizing Tablets - 150 Sanitizer Tablets per bottle, QT-10 Test Kit with 30 test strips
  • Each bottle makes 150 gallons of 200 ppm sanitizing solution. Used by Restaurants and Bars Worldwide. Officially Approved Sanitizer with Gold Seal Letter. Sanitizes food contact surfaces. Commercial strength but also makes a great economical household sanitizer!
  • These convenient tablets eliminate the handling and storage of bulky sanitizers. The tablets dissolve in water producing a distinct, clear, pale blue sanitizing solution. Just 1 tablet per gallon of water. Odor Free, Non corrosive, does not irritate the skin. May also be applied with a clean cloth or sponge.
  • Works great in Kitchens, Bathrooms. Can be sprayed on Food processing equipment, sinks, countertops, cabinets, refrigerators, stovetops, cutting boards, and all other non-porous articles and surfaces. Also available in a case of 6 bottles, or a master carton of 72 bottles. Buy in bulk and save.
  • STERAMINE SANITIZING TABLETS are approved by and accepted as a safe and effective sanitizer for glassware, countertops, tables, utensils, beverage equipment, frozen dessert machines, scuba equipment and any other food contact surfaces and equipment to kill: CA-MRSA (Community Associated Methicillin ResistantStaphylococcus aureus)Escherichia coliHIV-1 (Aids Virus) Listeria monocytogenes Staphylococcus aureu


steramine sanitizer

Steramine 1-G Sanitizing Tablets

Commercial concentrated sanitizing tablets

Safe for Use in Restaurants

Steramine is a Safe and Trusted Product
How to Mix Steramine Quarternary Sanitizer

Mixing Steramine tablets into water is extremely easy.

Make sure that you fill a bucket or other container with 1 gal of hot water per tablet. Use one tablet per gallon of water. If you plan to use 5 gallons of solution, use 5 tablets.

Steramine Tablets are completely soluble in water 75°F.

Once the tablets have melted, you will have a 200ppm (parts per million) Quaternary Sanitizing solution.

How it works

Simply Mix One Tablet per Gallon of Water

Steramine is designed to be used as one tablet per gallon of hot water. This creates a 200 ppm Quaternary sanitizing solution which is strong enough to kill many different viruses, including such as, Norovirus, Flu Virus and many more!

Turns Blue When Mixed With Water

Steramine sanitizing tablets turn blue when they are dissolved into hot water. This helps the user to easily distinguish what solution they are using to sanitize items or surfaces. This makes Steramine ideal for use in restaurant 3rd sinks.

sanitizing food and beverage dispensing machines

Steramine 1-G Tablets Make 150 Gallons of Quarternary Ammonium Sanitizing Solution per Bottle

Each bottle of Steramine Sanitizing Tablets contains 150 tablets. This makes up to 150 gallons of quaternary ammonium sanitizing solution if mixed correctly.

Mixing Steramine is extremely simple! Simply dissolve 1 tablet per 1 gallon of hot water until you achieve the desired amount of sanitizing solution. One tablet mixed with a gallon of hot water will create a 200ppm quaternary ammonium solution.

Steramine is safe for use by an EPA Gold Seal. Even though this sanitizer is EPA safe, getting this solution on one's skin is not recommended.

Commercial concentrated sanitizing tablets 150 Steramine Sanitizer Tablets

One Tablet Creates a 200ppm (Parts Per Million) Quarternary Ammonium Sanitizing Solution

When mixed correctly, Steramine 1-G tablets create a 200ppm quaternary ammonium solution when one tablet is mixed with one gallon of hot water. This solution is ideal for sanitizing in restaurant kitchens, surfaces such as metal, wood, etc.

Steramine can be used in a spray bottle as a sanitizing spray or it can be used in a 3rd sink in a restaurant. Many different health organizations recommend using a sanitizer on dishes, pots and pans after use. It is also advisable to use a sanitizer on surfaces that are often touched by many different people as this helps to limit the spread of any germs.

Steramine label
Steramine Sanitizer for diving and scuba equipment