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Palmolive Ultra Dish Liq Oxy, 32.5 Oz

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Palmolive Ultra Oxy Power Degreaser Liquid Dishwashing Soap is the grease fighting dish soap you know and trust to get the dishes done. From stuck-on food to your greasiest dishes, Palmolive Ultra Oxy uses deep grease cutting power to help you tackle tough messes and make even your dirtiest dishes an easy clean. While Palmolive Ultra is tough on grease, it is made to be gentle on the earth, with a biodegradable cleaning ingredients and sustainable packaging made with post-consumer recycled plastic. These eco friendly features make it a great addition to your household dishwashing supplies. Make a difference at home and on the environment with Palmolive Ultra.
  • Dishwashing liquid dish soap that's tough on grease, but gentle on the planet
  • Made with deep grease cutting power to attack grease and stains
  • Dish soap with 100% biodegradable cleaning ingredients and free of phosphates and parabens for a eco friendly dish soap
  • Concentrated dishwashing soap formula


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32.5 ounce