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Snuggle Scent Shakes In-Wash Scent Booster Laundry Beads, Superfresh Original, 3 In 1 Odor Elimination, 9 Oz

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Wondering how to make your laundry smell good? Snuggle SuperFresh Original Scent Shakes laundry scent booster feature the Snuggly Freshness your family loves plus our odor-fighting technology for fresh and clean clothes all day, every day. These in-wash scent boosters infuse laundry with extraordinary freshness that lasts up to 100 days! Complete your laundry regimen and use our scent beads with SuperFresh liquid fabric conditioner for long lasting scent and SuperFresh dryer sheets for static control. Pour directly into your washer before adding your clothes. Snuggle SuperFresh Scent Shakes scent boosters are great for all types of clothes including activewear, workout clothes, and sleepwear. This package includes one 9 ounce bottle of Snuggle SuperFresh Original scent booster laundry beads. Out of storage. Directions: 1. Pour a little or a lot into cap. 2. Toss into your washer before adding your clothes, laundry detergent and fabric softener. 3in1 Odor elimination to help fight body, outdoor, and pet odors. Snuggle SuperFresh scent booster laundry beads provide 100 days of freshness out of storage.


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