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The Boogie Brand Micro-Mist Saline Inhaler - 1.7oz

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The Boogie® Micro-Mist Saline Inhaler gently moisturizes and soothes the upper respiratory tract to help relieve symptoms like congestion and discomfort caused by allergies, colds and other irritants. It penetrates a fine, natural sterile saline mist deeper into nasal passages to help promote easier breathing. The continuous gentle mist technology allows for extended use to help break down congestion. This nebulizer-like device is safe for all ages and comes ready-to-use! Made with love and distributed by ELEEO BRANDS.


  • FIRST OF ITS KIND, DESIGNED TO HELP RELIEVE CONGESTION AND DISCOMFORT: The Boogie® Micro-Mist Saline Inhaler’s continuous gentle mist distributes natural, sterile saline along the upper respiratory tract to gently moisturize and soothe, which may provide symptom relief for a variety of upper airway conditions such as coughs, colds and allergies. Cleansing of the mucosa with a gentle mist can also reduce the risk of viral infections.
  • FINE MICRO-MIST TO SOOTHE THE NASAL CAVITY: Fine micro-mist sterile saline particles are optimized to target the upper airways and penetrate deep into nasal passages. While standard nasal sprays may offer more localized nasal coverage, this device may provide substantial coverage of the entire upper respiratory tract.
  • EASY-TO-USE: The Boogie® Micro-Mist Saline Inhaler is portable, ready-to-use and can be used with or without the face mask. It does not require batteries or charging. After use, the mask and nozzle can be easily cleaned and reused (both are dishwasher safe).
  • GENTLE TREATMENT: Extra gentle for children and infants, this device offers an alternate solution to respiratory relief among this younger age group.
  • MADE WITH STERILE, NATURAL SALINE: Drug-free and made with 0.9% isotonic, natural saline, which is the same amount of saline that naturally occurs in the human body.
  • LONG-LASTING: This product provides 1+ hour of continuous, fine saline mist. Top twists to turn on/off for multiple uses.